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What is the 10:10 Project?

The 10:10 Project is an 8-week program designed to help you make the connection between your physical health and realizing God’s very best plans for your life. We aim to do this through Engaging The Brain, Engaging The Tongue, and Engaging The Body. You’re probably asking yourself, “Well, what in the world does that mean?” Not to worry – you’ll be hearing a lot more about each of these tenets in the next 8 weeks

What can I expect from the 10:10 Project?

Daily Videos

Each day, a member of the Shape Up Church team or one of our ministry partners will bring you a brief video message to guide you through the program and bring you encouragement for your journey.

Daily Messages

You will also receive daily messages to offer another layer of instruction, encouragement, and best practices as you go through the 10:10 Project.

Daily Meal Plan

We’ve planned out a daily menu including three meals and three snacks that will help you discover how satisfying and delicious a healthy diet truly can be. We’ve even put together the shopping list for you each week!

Daily Exercise Program

You will receive daily workout instructions to build strength and maximize your results. Don’t worry – some days of rest are included each week!

Daily Assignment Tasks

Who doesn’t love crossing “to-dos” off a checklist?! Make sure you are getting the most the 10:10 Project has to offer by completing the daily assignment tasks.

More Amazing Resources

Be on the lookout for regular attachments to guide you through assignments and give you all the information you need for success on the program!

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