Are you looking to encourage and Inspire your congregation or group toward better health? We would love to partner with you! Continue reading for more information about the format of our events and what other leaders are saying about us. Then take the next step to schedule an event with Dr. Jeff for your group by filling out our event inquiry or giving us a call!

A Variety of Formats to Meet Your Needs

Throughout his years of ministry, Dr. Jeff has spoken to groups of thousands and groups of tens. Regardless of the size of the group, he is committed to challenging each individual with a dynamic and well-rounded message rooted in God’s Word. Some of his most frequently scheduled presentations include:

Sunday Morning Sermons

A 30-45 minute message challenging the

congregation to explore why their health

matters to God.

Interactive Workshops

1-3 hours of dynamic teaching with time

allotted for personal reflection and group


Women’s Groups

Asingle or multi-week series focused on the

particular challenges women face in the areas

of health, weight, and body image.

Many churches have benefited from a Sunday morning sermon followed by an opportunity for congregants to take the next step in a workshop the following Saturday. 

If you have a format in mind that you don't see here, please contact us! We'd love to talk with you more about how we can meet the needs of your group.

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