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The 10:10 Project is an 8-week program designed to help you make the connection between your physical health and realizing God’s very best plans for your life.

Our Approach to Better Health Works

Living the healthy and fulfilling life God has planned for you doesn’t need to be a struggle. We break things down into three actions aimed at creating lifelong change.

Engage Your Brain

Capturing God’s vision for life is the single most important step to getting healthy and losing weight. You’ll learn biblical truths to transform your thinking and develop new strategies.

Engage Your Tongue

The Bible says the tongue has the power of life and death. Stand on the solid rock of scripture rather than tearing yourself down with negative talk. You'll propel through doubt, temptation and fear of failure.

Engage Your Body

Once you have engaged your brain and tongue, engaging your body becomes easier. With your vision and words centered on Christ, almost any eating and exercise program becomes more achievable.

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See How We Inspire Hope and Change

Our program helps people take back their lives and regain hope. Members not only achieve their ideal weight, but find inner peace and strength. Watch our 2-minute video to see what members say about Shape Up Church.

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How It Works

Resetting and Restoring

At the start of the program your body will detoxify, get a rest from the modern diet and return to optimal functioning.

Shedding Pounds Quickly

Once your body begins working as it should, the weight loss begins. Most people experience an average loss of 5-15 lbs in week one.

Maintaining Lifelong Results

Unlike fad diets, once you reach your weight loss goal you’ll learn how to maintain good health for life, while still enjoying the occasional splurge.

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Meet Dr. Jeff

Jeff founded Shape Up Church out of a profound sense of calling to help God’s people recapture health, purpose and wholeness.

He speaks regularly to churches and faith-based organizations around the country about the truth that God wants us to prosper in every area of our lives—including our health.

Dynamic Speaker

Recognized Expert & Best Selling Author

Experienced Clinician

Proud Father and Husband


I have more energy for my kids. I have more energy for ministry. When I started to see how this program was having an effect beyond just me, it really motivated me to keep going.

- Jason, Lost 70 Pounds

This program is about so much more than weight loss! It has helped me to be more healthy in order to better live out God's calling for my life.

- Ambre, Lost 35 Pounds

Our Products

Our food products are designed to support the Shape Up Church program and make forming new eating habits easy and delicious!

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