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Our program helps people take back their lives and regain hope. Members not only achieve their dream weight, but find inner peace and strength. Watch the video to see what members say about Shape Up Church.



Living the healthy and fulfilling life God has planned for you doesn't need to be a struggle. We break things down into three actions aimed at creating lifelong change.

Engage Your Brain

Capturing God’s vision for life is the single most important step to getting healthy and losing weight. You’ll learn biblical truths to transform your thinking and develop new strategies.

Engage Your Tongue

The Bible says the tongue has the power of life and death. Stand on the solid rock of scripture rather than tearing yourself down with negative talk. You'll propel through doubt, temptation and fear of failure.

Engage Your Body

Once you have engaged your brain and tongue, engaging your body becomes easier. With your vision and words centered on Christ, almost any eating and exercise program becomes more achievable.

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MORE ABOUT Dr. Jeff Rebarcak


Dr. Jeff Rebarcak’s strong entrepreneurial spirit helped him to hit the ground running. After attending the University of Iowa where he studied biology and finishing up at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Jeff immediately opened Preferred Chiropractic in Tempe, Arizona, his first chiropractic clinic. Always keeping the vision of building passionate teams with caring doctors, Jeff quickly grew Preferred Chiropractic Centers from one office to multiple centers located in Arizona, Iowa, Illinois, Colorado and Texas where he served as Clinic Director and President. 

Dr.Jeff is currently the Board Chairman of Preferred Medical & Rehab (PMR). PMR is a group of integrated medical clinics that Dr. Jeff founded in 2017. Dr. Jeff continued Post Graduate work at the University of Florida and received certification in MedX Spinal Rehabilitation, Post Graduate work with the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians and attained the CCSP, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician Certificate. 

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Shape Up Church was born outof the conviction that God has a unique purpose for every person, but many aremissing out on His plan and blessing because they are physically unable torespond to His call.


If God called you to buildthe ark, would you be physically up to the task?

It doesn’t take more than aglance down the pews on a Sunday morning to see the toll obesity and chronicdisease is taking on the average American church. God’s people are sick, tired,and in pain. The day-to-day struggle with their health is holding them backfrom serving their family, church, and community.


We believe we are called toso much more. We believe the promise of Jesus in John 10:10 that He came thatwe may have abundant life. We believe that regardless of our past or presentshortcomings and failures, the abundant life of wholeness and health is part ofGod’s plan for each of His children. And we are dedicated to helping God’speople capture His vision for their lives, and achieve health and vitality toserve Him with more energy, passion, and enthusiasm.


Our Mission

To help God’speople experience healing and wholeness in their physical bodies so that theymay have truly abundant life in Jesus Christ and be ready and able to obey Hiscall.

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