Want to Win in Life? Here's Your Aha Moment!

In today's world there are thousands of seminars, books, and conferences that attempt to teach principles of "winning in life." Many of these try to appeal to our desire to take shortcuts, find the easy way, or provide us with some sort of secret formula that will lead us down the path to instant success. But is there any substance in that way of thinking?

Recently, as I was preparing to meet with an individual who (if things went correctly) could potentially prove to be a highly rewarding associate...both personally and in business, my mind started to reel. I remember thinking to myself, "Okay, what if he asks me this? What would be the right response?....Okay, what if he says such-and-such? What would be the best thing to say to that?" For several minutes I found myself caught up in scenario after scenario, and in each mental movie I attempted to come up with the "best" possible action or response. Thankfully, this didn't last too long before I was jolted back to reality. There it was, my "aha moment."

The Aha Moment

My "Aha" moment may not seem like an earth shattering revelation to everyone, but if you'll look closely (and hang with me through this entire post) you'll have an "Aha" moment of your own. The best answer, the proper response, and the most powerful A-game you can bring to any situation is always the truth. It doesn't get any better than that. Sounds pretty simple doesn't it? Almost boringly so...Okay, let's look at a scenario and break it down.

Let's say you've got an important job interview lined up for Monday morning. This could be your big break. You've paid your dues, kept your chin up during hard times, and often wondered to yourself, "When will I ever get a break?" Now that your big opportunity is here, your mind is racing. You find yourself thinking about the questions they will ask you (much like I was), and planning out the correct responses. After all, you are aware that there may be other qualified applicants and you want to have the upper hand, the winning edge. You may be kicking yourself for not finishing The 7 Secrets of Highly Effective People. How are you going to be sure things will go your way? What if you crash and burn?

Take a deep breath, I've got your answer.

The higher up you go in life, the more you should begin to recognize that the real winners and truly successful individuals are not those who know how to manipulate situations or "play the game." In any and all situations, long term success will be achieved by your integrity and your determination to provide excellence in both your thoughts and actions. That's why the "truth" will always bring success.

Do you know what the word "integrity" actually means? It is a state of steadfastness, unwavering, non-polluted in your thought processes. Sort of like when the Word tells us to "set our face like flint." -- Isaiah 50:7

In a job interview or a client meeting your prior experience and skill level will come into play, --certainly. But you really aren't going to interview for a position you are grossly under-qualified for, are you? Well, let's hope not...

So, instead of wondering how to bring the "wow" factor by using superficial techniques, rely on the truth of your character instead. Employers and clients alike are looking for dedication, leadership qualities, a strong moral character, and excellence in all your dealings more than they are looking for certain detailed skills that can be learned.

If you make the decision to fall back on your character, you'll always have the upper hand. Skills can be learned...they can be refined. A character of integrity, especially in today's world, is priceless, to say the least.

So, before facing that next big client or stepping into the office of that job interview, take a deep breath and realize that with God on your side, you've got what it takes...and then some!