Walking With God. It's Not That Complicated!

I've become pretty impressed with the genuine hunger for God I'm seeing in today's teenagers. Uncompromising, humble, and filled with wisdom. The other day I was involved in a conversation where one individual was struggling with the correct path to take, while the other party (a teenager) saw the simple solution as if there was really no other option.

They said something to the effect of, "For any problem you have, God has a simple solution. He's not trying to confuse us. It's not that hard....The solution here is to go tell the person the truth."

Isn't it amazing how a Word from God through another person can bring such complete clarity to a situation? Sometimes we almost feel silly that we had toyed with the idea of something different. That's how simple the good news of the Gospel is. Sometimes we just need to be reminded.

The Simplicity of The Gospel

The good news of the Gospel is so simple, everyone and anyone can understand it. All that's required is to simply, like a child, believe the Word. Take it at face value. The Word of God is Truth and brings Life to our souls. Believe that. Believe that what you are reading is changing you, nourishing you, and renewing your mind.

Those are all scriptural, but do we really believe it? And even if we say we believe it, do we act as if these things are happening. For one week, I'd like you to take the simplicity challenge. Start reading some of the New Testament, and read it with fresh eyes. Let yourself become fully persuaded of the Word and refuse to consider anything else. That means if you read that you are the healed of the Lord, which you are by the way, don't close the Book and think about the pain you may be feeling. You may be feeling pain and I'm not asking you to walk in denial. But realize that God is working on you and you are changing day by day. Simply thank the Lord for your healing and go about your day.

If finances are looking poorly, thank God for creative ideas, energy, favor for a new job, or whatever God's plan for you may be...and then act upon what you believe. When thoughts of doubt come into your mind, thank God for clarity of thinking, for giving you the mind of Christ, and for providing you with every spiritual blessing you will need for any situation.

Oh, It Can't Be That Easy

Can't it? Have you ever fully relied on and trusted God, believing all that His Word proclaims and refusing to be moved? If we do allow ourselves to get moved off the Word and start to consider believing anything else, doubt, unbelief and fear will start to set in and we will stop the Word from producing in our lives. If we lift up the Word, holding every promise in highest esteem, it won't disappoint.

God promises that His Word can not return void. If we keep believing and hanging on to God, the simple Truth of the Gospel will work in our lives.

On the flip side, when dealing with sin or disobedience, we have to be just as diligent. Remember the beginning of this article? For every problem there is a simple solution. It might be telling the truth, it might be walking in integrity, resisting temptation, making the right decision, or it might just involve having a humble enough heart to admit we were wrong and repent from our sin.

Simple, right? God isn't trying to confuse us. He is love. He is peace. He is all that is good and He wants all good things for us, His children.

Let's simplify our belief system and we'll find the core foundation of our Christianity.