The Splendors of Splenda Aren’t Worth The Risks


Many of my clients ask me about artificial sweeteners.

“Is Diet Soda ok?”

“I can put Splenda in my coffee, right?”

While refined sugar isn’t good for you by any means, I’d take a real sugar coke (imported from Mexico where they still use real sugar) over Diet any day – and not just because of the taste. A new study published in the journal Diabetes Care reported that Splenda can actually change how your body processes sugar, leading to diabetes.

Researchers studied the blood sugar levels of 17 severely obese people, some of whom drank regular sugar water, and some who drank water with sucralose (Splenda). They found that sucralose caused blood sugar levels to rise 20 percent higher than regular sugar, requiring the body to release more insulin. Releasing more insulin can lead to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. What the study didn’t mention, but many dieters know, is that a bump in blood sugar like that usually leads to an increase in appetite, making it harder to lose weight even with diet drinks.

This new study’s findings fly in the face of the commonly accepted notions that artificial sweeteners are a good alternative for diabetics and that they don’t raise blood sugar levels.

Essentially, while you may be dodging the caloric bullet, you’re not getting a freebie. If you want a truly calorie-free, healthy drink, try tea.

So what can you do if you have a sweet tooth and need to drop some weight? Well, there’s always our old friend Moderation. But I understand – for some of us, one brownie will never be enough. Stevia, though not tested nearly as much as artificial sweeteners, seems to be the best bet for a no-calorie, blood-sugar lowering treat. You can even find soda made with it, though I love a cold glass of lemonade