Getting Healthy During Christmas? You Need a Spiritual Diet

In our culture, it’s easy to think that Christmas isn’t complete without white-chocolate mint covered pretzels, yule logs, peppermint bark, gingerbread men and eggnog. But Christmas doesn’t rely on any of those things, so why do you?

I’d like to suggest that, instead of spending three hours baking cookies this year, you set aside that time to do something spiritually meaningful: an activity that spreads good will towards men. You’ll feel more satisfied after helping someone than you would after eating an entire tray of Christmas cookies – I promise!

If you’ve read this blog or have attended one of my seminars, you know that I believe that healthy lifestyle changes begin with words. I ask participants to write down who they are, what they’ve achieved, how they’ve become better, stronger human beings, and how they’ve served others. It’s a list that puts the whole you into perspective and reminds you to feel proud of what you’ve accomplished, just as God is proud of you.

You can use these questions as an idea checklist for meaningful activities that spiritually strengthen you this month. You might try volunteering at a shelter for women and children, organizing a toy drive or a food drive, or training for a 5K charity event. I recently came across a smart phone app called Charity Miles that you can download to your phone, and when you go for a walk or run, their participating companies donate 25 cents per mile to the charity of your choice. You’ll be doing something good for yourself and for the world – and that’s of far more value than even the most delicious gingerbread.

A Spiritual Diet is about nourishing the soul rather than the flesh. Use this time to get in touch with what your spirit needs – and it isn’t food.