2020: It’s Not Over Yet…

Could That Be A Good Thing?

Can you remember January? I know, I know. It feels like a lifetime ago, but stay with me for a moment. When you think back to January, do you remember feeling energized and committed to setting and reaching your new goals? 2020 would be your year! Time to lose weight, get in shape, and thrive personally and professionally! What could go wrong?

Fast forward ten months, and none of us could have imagined the challenges this year would bring. If you’re like me, if you never hear the word “unprecedented” again, it will be too soon! We certainly have all had to make significant adjustments to our plans and routines, pivoting again and again in an ever-changing world. At this point, you’re may just be holding your breath and waiting for this year to be over.

What if instead of clinching our teeth and holding on tight until the dawn of 2021, we decided not to let 2020 have the final word? What if we decided not to let another 60 days pass before we took the first step toward better health and wellness?

The Law of Inertia

Are you familiar with the concept of inertia? Inertia is defined as “a tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged.” If we take a momentary dive into the world of physics, Newton’s First Law of Motion, often called the Law of Inertia, can be summed up as, “An object at rest will stay at rest, forever, as long as nothing pushes or pulls on it. An object in motion will stay in motion, traveling in a straight line, forever, until something pushes or pulls on it.”[1]

I know you probably didn’t come here for a physics lesson, but I think we can learn something here. When we’re at home, sitting on the couch, watching Netflix in our sweatpants, the easiest thing to do is to continue sitting on the couch and watching Netflix. Getting up and getting started is the hardest part.

Let’s not forget the second part to Newton’s law. “An object in motion will stay in motion.” In other words, once we get started, it’s easier to keep going, even if we don’t do everything at once. In fact, taking small, manageable steps forward is the best way to slowly transform our habits, and create momentum to keep going.

Today Is The Day

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You don’t have to wait for a new year, or a new month, or even a new week to start working toward a new goal. There is nothing magical about January 1st. You can actually start today, right now.

Maybe you’re not sure how to move from sweatpants/couch/Netflix to healthy/active/engaged community. We’re here to help with that part! We’ve just launched 7 Day Body For God Challenge, and it’s completely free! You can join any time, and get 7 days of training on health, fitness, and nutrition from our best-in-class mentorship team PLUS join a community of Christian believers challenging each other toward better health.

We’ve entered the final stretch of 2020, and there is a lot about this year we are ready to say goodbye to. As we get ready to say farewell to these “unprecedented” times, let’s also say goodbye to the inertia that’s holding us back from God’s best for our health and wellness. Today is the day!


[1] https://science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/scientific-experiments/newton-law-of-motion1.htm