Through more than two decades of working with people struggling with their weight and trying to achieve lifelong health, we have discovered that those people that get healthy and stay healthy are those whose purpose is rooted in a vision greater than themselves.

woman teaching husband cutting vegetables

“My diet starts on Monday…”

We have all done it. We make the decision to get healthy, and immediately spring into action. We clean out the cupboards and refrigerator. We join the gym. We take out fat, gluten, sugar, carbs, and sodium. This may work for a time, but after a while our motivation wears off, and little by little, we go back to our old habits.

Making A Change That Will Last

At Shape Up Church, we believe the journey to lifelong health doesn’t start in the pantry. In our three step approach, you start by examining and transforming the beliefs and words that are holding you back from experiencing victory in Jesus. Beginning from there, we work with you to develop habits that transform you from the inside out.

Engage Your Brain

Engage Your Brain

Capturing a vision of how God wants to use you is the single most important step to getting healthy and losing weight. You will learn biblical truths to transform your thinking, and develop strategies to step confidently into God’s perfect plan for you.

Engage Your Tongue


The Bible says the tongue has the power of life and death. If you want to be healthy, you can’t look in the mirror and speak words that tear down and destroy. You will learn to stand on the solid rock of Scripture to propel you through doubt, temptation, loneliness, and fear of failure.

Engage Your Body


Once you have engaged your brain and your tongue, engaging your body becomes much easier! When your vision and words are centered on Christ, almost any eating and exercise program will work. We can bring you step-by-step through an eating program that maximizes your body’s God-given healing power.