If God called you to build the ark, could you do it?

Shape Up Church was born out of the conviction that God has a unique purpose for every person, but many are missing out on His plan and blessing because they are physically unable to respond to His call.

It doesn’t take more than a glance down the pews on a Sunday morning to see the toll obesity and chronic disease are taking on the average American church. God’s people are sick, tired, and in pain. The day-to-day struggle with their health is holding them back from serving their family, church, and community.



We believe we are called to so much more.

We believe the promise of Jesus in John 10:10 that He came that we may have abundant life. We believe that regardless of our past or present shortcomings and failures, the abundant life of wholeness and health is part of God’s plan for each of His children. And we are dedicated to helping God’s people capture His vision for their lives, and achieve health and vitality to serve Him with more energy, passion, and enthusiasm.

Meet Our Team


Jeff Rebarcak

Dr. Jeff Rebarcak

Founder, CEO

Dr. Rod Thill

Dr. Rod Thill

Chief Medical Advisor


Chris Lomax

Director of Operations


Nikki Heald

Director of Communications